Texas OTF Knives

When you need to be quick on the draw...

Speed is necessary!

Thank You!

military grade tested and approved otf knives.

Hand Assembled Texas OTF Knives

OTF (Out The Front) automatic knives are the perfect combination of tactical performance and everyday carry functionality. Extremely affordable with a full lifetime warranty. If you are looking for a "pretty color", glitter, or sparkles... Then look elsewhere. We make badass tactical knives for badass people. We don't do glitter. If your life depends on it speed is necessary. Precision is necessary. Be ready with a quality knife that is ready to strike!

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Bought from us at a show?

Some of you are fortunate enough to meet up with us at a show like this lucky guy. The question comes up pretty regularly on registering your knife. All you need to do is create an account at the link below. This lets us track any repairs if ever needed and, stay in contact with all our favorite people (which is all of you). Hook us up with your contact info and don't worry, we aren't spamaholics. Scouts honor!

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